Monday, September 24, 2012

Recently I took and Anthony Gregorc Learning Styles Test and a Gardner Multiple Intelligences Test  sand according to them I am musical and abstract and random!
I think the results do fit me because even though i do not sing I still learn best from music! I also am abstract random which would be sensitive, personal, and imaginative! Something that I would take away is that I am musical. I dont really play many instruments or sing. Although I would love to, I never seemed to put fort the effort or time to learn.

3 people I admire is Michelangelo, Albert Einstein and my own cousin! I admire Michelangelo for his creativity! He created so many world wonders of art! I think his learning style is spatial because he seems to be visualizing a lot, and designing. I also think he was abstract random. He was imaginative  and colorful and his painting show an array of emotion and sensitivity.Albert Einstein is extremely creative! He created such complex formulas that have never been invented or been relative to!  Due to that i think he was logical-mathematical thinker. Its obvious he experimented and loved figuring out puzzles leading him to his world famous math terms! I also think he was abstract sequential. This means he was academic and intellectual My own cousin her self I admire very much! She is only 4 but her achievements I honestly do admire. She is very intelligent and has skipped a grade and aslo will be on a tv show based on a singing competition.  I think she is musical because I constantly either hear her humming or singing or whistling. I think he is a concrete random learner. She is very independent and rarely asks anyone for help and is a risk-taker. She is always taking an alternative choice for all her decisions and is very open to many ideas rather being set on one choice. This is why I admire her.

What about everybody else?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being gifted comes with pro's and cons as well as truths and myths. 1 pro of being gifted is that your GPA is higher, this means your college applications are alot better! Another pro is that certain subjects are much easier, and your able to understand it easier as well. Parents is another pro! I feel that my parents are more proud of me then usual because I am gifted therefor can get great grades in specific classes. Just like there are pro's there is cons as well. An example of a con is the expectations you have to exceed. Parents and teachers, have higher expectations and want you to reach your full potential. A personal experience is when my the grade math teacher was disappointed in me for getting a B but was proud another student for getting the  same grade. I felt a lot of pressure and did not like it.  But this can be very stressful and alot of pressure.Social problems is also another painful con. At times gifted students can be awkward toward others due to asynchronous development where your social, emotional, physical, and intellectual maturities are developing at different paces.  Teasing is involved to! When being yourself, you may come off as know-it-all or dork. These comments hurt but its best to look past it and always be your self. There is a lot of myths that are spread about being gifted. A couple are being super smart, or being anti-social! But the truth is most of us are normal people. Were not much different than everyone else most of the time. We also don't excel at everything like stereotypes say. We can make just as many mistakes as anyone else. I still get bad grades once in a while and make the same mistakes. Gifted comes with a price but we must enjoy the gift!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi! I'm Nandhini! Im in 8th grade. My favorite subjects in school are science and art! My favorite topics to learn is biology, basketball, and art! In my free time I swim, paint, and play basketball. When I grow up I want to be a doctor! My friends and family keep me happy!