Thursday, March 21, 2013


This documentary was  definitely the most touching thing I have watched in a while. Not only the daily  lives of the pickers surprise me but their joy and pride in their work surprised me as well. For me the most memorable scene was when the painting was sold for 50 grand and the happiness was overwhelming for the pickers. The documentary brings us through the lives of these people and let almost experience their own feelings and their world. Of course I will probably never truly experience a day in a pickers life but this documentary has showed me to appreciate their work. Something that stuck out to me was when one of the pickers talked about how she a corpse of a baby once in the landfill. This showed me the depth of how much these people really go through and I cant help but wonder, are these jobs inhumane? Is it okay to let humans like you and me have to go through all the disturbing objects that can be found in garbage for recyclable goods? They're proud of their work so it must be worth it. At the end of the day a lot of the pickers are okay with what they do. This was an amazing documentary that not only was entertaining but also touching.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Portrait of Presidency

This picture shows the president not as a president but a father. It shows a part of him that is  not in his presidential image. It shows that he is a normal and regular human being as we all are but with a power. It makes me wonder how his life was before he was president or even before he was a senator but just a regular man with a regular job.I see this picture applies to many people whether its a supermodel or a political leader. We all have that moment in time where we all just but human. This picture resembles a suburban backyard with a dad and daughter discussing whatever teenager problems she may have whether it peer pressure or bad grades.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo Challenge 5:Delicate

The tip of a pencil is very delicate. Most people know that but I decided not many people actually realize how delicate it is.  Its delicate enough to break at touch and is hard enough to mended into different shapes and objects but i would like to point out how easy is it to destroy such small amount of led or charcoal or any type of pencil. I apologize about the poor quality.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Randomselectionrandompicture: Tweedledee Issues

It was Patricia's first day at work! The most exciting job she could imagine. She was working at Disney World as a character from Alice in Wonderland. She excitedly ran to the dressing room to try on her costume. When she walked in the glorious costume stared a her. The fat chubby cheeks stained with dirt. The way too much junk in the trunk. The plastic hat that was ripping apart. For the next 8 hours her name was Tweedledee. She hurriedly slipped her self into the bulky costume while rehearsing her Tweedledee voice. She pulled on the mask. "This is weird, I cant see anything". She tried pulling the mask off but it seemed to be stuck. She panicked. Running out, while crashing into anonymous objects. She  was now in Disney World. She heard little children laugh and cry. "LOOK MOMMY! IT'S TWEEDLEDEE!" a child exclaimed  The mother politely asked Patricia for a  picture with her children. Patricia managed to nod a yes. Without knowing where she was walking she stepped on a child's foot. She let out a curse. At least it was in Tweedledee's voice. She heard the mothers gasp and stomp away followed by the light tapping of toddlers. Patricia sighed. She was desperate so she grabbed whatever was in her reach. Luckily what she was holding onto was another Disney character, fortunately another Alice in Wonderland character. This is the story of Patricia's first day of her first job, and her last.

By: Megan Kolbe and Nandhini