Thursday, March 21, 2013


This documentary was  definitely the most touching thing I have watched in a while. Not only the daily  lives of the pickers surprise me but their joy and pride in their work surprised me as well. For me the most memorable scene was when the painting was sold for 50 grand and the happiness was overwhelming for the pickers. The documentary brings us through the lives of these people and let almost experience their own feelings and their world. Of course I will probably never truly experience a day in a pickers life but this documentary has showed me to appreciate their work. Something that stuck out to me was when one of the pickers talked about how she a corpse of a baby once in the landfill. This showed me the depth of how much these people really go through and I cant help but wonder, are these jobs inhumane? Is it okay to let humans like you and me have to go through all the disturbing objects that can be found in garbage for recyclable goods? They're proud of their work so it must be worth it. At the end of the day a lot of the pickers are okay with what they do. This was an amazing documentary that not only was entertaining but also touching.

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