Thursday, February 19, 2015

Roger Ebert

For the past couple days, we've talked about an incredible man by the name of Roger Ebert. Roger Ebert was a film critic, journalist, and screen writer. His film critique and work was exceptional, but the work he did after his life altering illness was beyond that. For me, death has always been a very abstract concept.   I've never known anyone close to me who's died, or experienced anything near it either. I wondered about it, along with many other things small and big. When I was younger I'd question everything and anything and although it would annoy people, it was exciting for me. Roger Ebert not being able to eat or drink or talk, began a blog where he discussed everything from the universe to loneliness. He questioned things and discussed things, something that I'v stopped doing gradually over the years.

Life has turned into a routine for me. I stopped questioning things, and started accepting. I stopped discussing, and focused on numbers for grades and awards for college. I lost my desire to know more about the world than what people would tell me. Roger Ebert's story and work made me realize that. Roger Ebert valued things that I completely forgot had value.  "What I am grateful for is the gift of intelligence, and for life, love, wonder, and laughter." Why, when faced with a personal tragedy, do some people swim while others sink? I honestly think it's how people value what they have around them. The people who sink, forget the immense value that love, laughter, intelligence and just life have. They get strung up in what they lost, and forget how much is still left, and that what is left, doesn't last forever. The people who swim, people like Roger Ebert have realized the value in life. The things that can make someone truly happy and satisfied. Not a voice nor appetite but emotions. The ability to still wonder and feel, is something to enjoy. This is something that I will try to remember down the road. I'm going to remember the value and joy in life and wonder. 

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