Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Revoloution

New Years Resolution? I dont really believe in them. I feel that dates, years, months are all just numbers and names. Sure seasons change and the months guide us. Dates are just a way to keep track of life and mankind. I think that is there's a resolution  you want to make you shouldn't wait until the New Year to work on it. If you need change yourself you do it when you are ready.

Anyways, perhaps a resolution does take place. This is what I would want it to be. But first lets talk about what happend in 2012. Some may say it was a great year, or a terriable year but I think it was dissapointing year on mankind. We experienced many things that has disappointed the world. From the overexposed presidential election to the Connecticut shooting to the Delhi rape case, one things clear. We need a change. I feel our society is a bit stubborn now. We want everything to be a specific way, from clothes to laws. I say in 2013 we change that. As a world lets think outside the box. Lets consider more varieties and listin to more ideas. If I want anything this year this is may be it. Let 2013 start a brand new perspective on society.Only us the people can change this!

As for life, gosh I dont know where to start. In previous years Iv never been exposed to whats going on in the world as I am now. As a 13 year old I wonder how much can one achieve in a life time. In the media all we hear about are heroes who got the best out of their lives or people who got the worst. Never do we here about the ordinary people living way too ordinary lives. In 2013 I want to change that. I want people to not take the quote "live to the fullest" so lightly. Sure gadgets and new technology are fun and make daily activities more entertaining and easy. 2012 we let these thing occupy our time rather then simply enhance them. We need to get off that Facebook and really experience life.  This is what I would also love to see in the new year.

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