Monday, December 2, 2013

Passion Project Update

I have changed my passion project slightly from my original plan. My original plan was to create the 3d human anatomy all on a software and be able to put it on a website. I knew how hard it would be to accomplish this, but what I didn't expect was my interest in the software part to fade. The good news is that over the past 2 months, Usha and I collected a lot of information on the anatomy and never put too much time into the software. This means we never wasted anytime on that so we can change that portion of it. Im thinking of pulling in my strong interest for art into it. Instead of making a 3d virtual human body, I will now create a clay model of specific human organs, an outline of a skeleton, and with the help of the school's 3d printer and the engineering teacher, I may even be able to print a 3d human face. I have all the research done so the remaining weeks will all be spent for creating the organs. It will be difficult to create these parts, but what I learned in the past 8 weeks is that I need to have interest too keep going with the project. So what I have now that differed from the original plan is the strong interest in the sculpting and creating the organs. I lacked interest in the technology, that was part of my original plan so I have confidence that this project can be done!

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