Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passion Project Update

So far I think our passion project is going well. We have a folder with a decent amount of work in it, including paintings, collages, and articles. We also have the cover made with a set title. The only obstacle I really faced in the first 2 weeks is, I didn't know much about zines. This made it difficult to think of exactly what to include in it or make for it. But after talking to Doug Wainwright about his zine and how he created his I felt a lot better. He told us that it didn't really matter what we put in the zine and to just write/create whatever came to mind. Since then I have discovered many different topics to write about and tons of things to include in the zine. A list of things that we still need to do includes distributing the zines to other zine makers (I'm just going to call them that) and actually assembling and printing the zine. We also have to create a few more pages for it. Some future obstacles include getting it printed and distributed.

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